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Car Headlight Restoration in Vadodara

Headlight restoration gives new look to headlights which have become dull due to sun rays road debris impact, acid rain and exposure. • Improves the visibility of headlights and gives a new life to the headlight cover. It cleanses all hard water and oxidation from the glass, making the headlights shine brighter. BOOK your car headlinght restoration in Vadodara and in Ahmedabad in just 8 hours.

  • In this treatment, an overall cleaning of the fabric is done by a proprietary chemical.It does not leave any bad smell and makes the interior fresh.
  • Improves the look, sparkle and durability of car’s plastic and leather upholstery giving your car spotless, shiny, glossy interior.
  • Cleans & Protects: Carpets, Interior Vinyl, Fabric, Plastics, Rubber surfaces, Removes all dirt and restores leather seats, roof and door panel, Produces a true colour of fabric giving a natural and rich appearance.
  • Approximate Service Time 6 to 8 hours*
  • T&C*
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